There’s no “beaten path” to entrepreneurial success.

But you can carry a compass

70 +
Company sale transactions
$ 0 billion+
In deal value

After guiding that many businesses to those types of results, certain patterns emerge.

what do we do?

At Pathfinder, we’ve discovered that several factors (actually 90+) affect how attractive a business is to potential buyers when it comes to mid-market companies, and also how well a company serves its owner’s needs.

We help entrepreneurs address the value equation for their company, achieve greater balance in their lives, and enjoy more choices by helping them do two things for their business:

Enhance growth

Reduce risk

Based on decades of experience, we know firsthand where the quicksand lies and the predators lurk on this trail.

We guide clients around the dangers and through the tough patches to reach their chosen destination.

What our clients have to say

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Our journey

Pathfinder emerged from the Class VI Partners’ Advisory Services business. Eschewing the usual transaction focus of the investment banking industry, the Advisory Services business was an answer to a simple question:

What if we engaged with an entrepreneur earlier in the business lifecycle and helped them over months or years to reach their unique goals?

This approach proved incredibly powerful.

Several clients ultimately sold their companies for industry-leading multiples. As important as the financial outcomes, however, were the improvements in business owners’ health, well-being, and enjoyment along the way.

Today, Pathfinder offers a comprehensive toolkit.

We provide strategic expertise spanning business development to operations to exit planning. And our tactical capabilities empower us to help entrepreneurs lighten their day-to-day load so they and their companies can go the distance, with ease.

we value

That means recognizing that we play an important but supporting role for the entrepreneurs who partner with us.

We know it’s you who come up with the big ideas, put in the long hours, and somehow, no matter what, gut it out to survive and thrive.

We strive to work just as hard
as we put you, your business, and your family first.

Rob Scott

Jill Montera
Chief Operating Officer

Jim Canfield
VP of Strategic Alliances

Nicole Scott
Director of Operations

Vance Benson
Director of Business Development

Amy Lorenzo
Creative Director

Matthew St Jean
Director of Strategic Marketing

Ryan Guest
Advisory Services Director

Joy Peak
Advisory Services Director

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Senior Financial Analyst

Tim Brown
Strategic Advisor

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Customer Success Manager

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Partner Relationship Coordinator

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Marketing Coordinator

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Creative Services Manager

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Content Writer

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Business Development Representative

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