Clients start Pathfinder with our Basecamp program. A structured exploration of your company’s key risks and attributes, Basecamp delivers:

A clear definition of your business and personal goals so you can plot a course

An assessment of your business across all its core facets

Education on the 90+ risks and value drivers for mid-market companies—plus insights on what to do about them

A customized strategic plan, prioritized for implementation at your pace and within your budget

Through Basecamp, the Pathfinder team gains a deep understanding of your business, while you’ll also get to know our team and approach. That way, we’re staged for success.

Or you could just wing it

Basecamp is designed for business owners who don’t have the time to deal with a standard business program —but can’t afford to fly blind.

Think of Basecamp as your jump briefing: hard-hitting and concise.

You’ll devote a few hours* each month to one critical topic. Together, we will collect and evaluate data about your business, identify risks and value drivers, and develop a coherent, achievable strategy.

* Some modules will require more or less time, depending on your personal business and strengths or risks in various areas.

6 modules. 6 months.

A plan for reaching your destination.


The Big Picture

A rapid orientation. Explore your goals for your business and life so you can set the right course.


Market & Strategy

Assess your total market, competitive differentiation, unique value proposition, and potential growth trajectories.


Growth & Scalability

Are your systems, technology, processes, and capital sufficient to go the distance?


Customer Base

Examine revenues, lead sources, customer quality and loyalty, and overall business development plan.


Team Culture & Owner

You’ll never get there alone. Build a team to help carry the load, freeing you to keep an eye on the horizon.


Finance & Organization

Evaluate historical and benchmarked performance, projections, controls, and vital financial information. Delve into contracts, corporate documentation, processes, IT systems, and more.

Complete basecamp

You now have in hand a detailed and carefully prioritized strategic plan.
It’s go time—Pathfinder stands ready to help you execute on your preferred timeline.



Together we walk the path mapped for your business your goals your life. This is when we take action summit side-by-side and put you on the cardinal route to your next business milestone.

Increasing close-rates by building out a sales team

Mitigating your risk by shifting the structure of your company into subsidiaries

Creating efficiencies with automated solutions

Tightening your supply chain

Anything is possible and we’ve seen it all. We're your co-pilot, as you scale to your ultimate destination

Ready to TAKE THE LEAP? Start your journey today