a longstanding Relationship

vistage and copilot

Class VI has been a part of Vistage for over 15 years

  • 8 executive leaders in CE and Key Groups 
  • Extensive event sponsorship 
  • Success taking 20+ Vistage Members’ companies to market 
  • Total of over $1 billion delivered to Vistage Members through company acquisitions and capital investment  

We’ve now applied our experience with the Vistage community to offer solutions to enhance the value of Vistage membership.  

Centered on our CoPilot platform for entrepreneurs, Pathfinder’s Vistage Program delivers unique insights both Chairs and Members can leverage in many ways. 



Vistage Members

Patented Business Health Assessment 
Members complete a full company inventory in about 30 minutes. CoPilot’s patented algorithm then returns a prioritized list of risks undermining business value and the owner’s quality of life. 

Customized recommendations and content 
Assessment results are paired with company-specific recommendations and educational content to guide Members in efficiently targeting highest-impact improvements. 

A trail map to value 
Checking in with CoPilot regularly, Members can benchmark progress and continually adapt decision-making as they scale up, maximize value, and reduce their own stress.  (Release date: TBD)

Chair Dashboard

Individual assessment results to help you tailor 121 meetings to address specific challenges each Member faces. 

Aggregated reports identifying the most common risks in each peer advisory group. Use this information to plan executive sessions. 

Additional management tools to make your job as a Chair easier than ever. 

customized workshops

Class VI Pathfinder is here to help you and your Members apply CoPilot learnings in the most effective manner. Take advantage of: 

    • Class VI analysis of your group’s results, accompanied by customized session content recommendations and materials 
    • Virtual presentations or in-person speaking engagements by Class VI experts with relevant expertise. 

CoPilot for Vistage is 100% free to use

Pathfinder also offers a range of value-add services, including our popular Bootcamp Program. What’s more, Class VI Partners stands ready to take companies to market or help them raise growth capital. 

Whenever a Vistage Member selects a paid program or service, we reserve a portion of the fees for the referring Vistage group. These funds can be used for co-marketing opportunities or even to sponsor a new Member! 

Why? We recognize the value of Vistage and want to help you share it with more entrepreneurs.  

how to get started

#1 Create a Chair CoPilot account 
We’ll link you to a CoPilot login page where you can create a Chair ID and password to access your dashboards. We’ll also provide a toolkit of materials to help you educate Members about CoPilot. 

#2 Share CoPilot information with your Members 
We recommend hosting a brief discussion about CoPillot and its value at an executive session, using the toolkit for guidance. Then follow up with an email link to take Members to the registration page.  

#3 Members login to complete the patented Business Health Assessment 
After Members register in CoPIlot, they’ll be guided through a comprehensive diagnostic inventory to identify business risks and untapped growth opportunities. 

#4 Leverage the results 
Members can immediately access their assessment results, along with customized recommendations and content. Chairs can view Members’ results on demand, both individual findings and reports aggregated by group. CoPilot also offers Speaker recommendations based on the most common issues in each group. 

Refer with Confidence, Reinvest in Your Groups

“Right now I’ve got three Members that Class VI is taking to market…When I turn my Members over to them, I can sleep at night because I know they’re in good hands.”
Don Meyers
Vistage Chair

Let’s Partner for Members’ Benefit